News: Possible ‘BioShock Collection’ for PS4, Xbox One

It was spotted by numerous gaming sites that a South African retailer briefly listed ‘The BioShock Collection’ for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with an expected release date of 27 November 2015. The site has since taken the page down, though it remains accessible via Google’s cache of the site.
If this listing turns out to be accurate, it will likely come to the surprise of very few. Whilst Ken Levine’s contribution to the BioShock series has ended, publisher 2K Games have indicated that they very much intend to continue the franchise. It is therefore in their interests to ensure that the BioShock brand remains in the minds of gamers, and what better way to do that these days than to re-release the series on current-gen systems?

The question therefore remains what should we expect from the ports of three critically acclaimed games? The norm for re-releases/remasters of titles released on both last-gen consoles and PC has been to bring the console re-release in line with the standard set by the original PC release, i.e. running at higher settings and frame rates. It would be hoped, given the love gamers and critics have for the franchise, that 2K would go beyond a mere bog standard port. We have recently seen the Dishonored ‘Definitive Edition’ release get a generally positive reception despite the fact that it did very little to earn its title other than to bring its resolution up to 1080p. We should expect, at a minimum, for a port of the BioShock series to bring resolution up to native 1080p, running at a solid 60 frames per second. Beyond that we should expect some of the technical flaws of the PC releases to be fixed, including the lack of anti-aliasing in the original game (without being forced), and the ridiculously constrained field of view in BioShock 2. Whether my expectations are realised, however, is different story entirely.

Though the original game was released eight years ago it holds up surprisingly well both visually and mechanically, at least in this writer’s opinion. That being said, it would be pretty disappointing if the game was not given the true remaster it deserves. Now would certainly seem the appropriate time.

Source: (via Polygon)

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